What’s the key to reading more books?

Almost everyone wants to read more but many don’t put the effort to increase their consumption of books. I know it took me years. Firstly, you can try designing a timetable that allows for daily reading. Start with something achievable, say 10 minutes a day reading fiction books, then build it up. Once you’ve created a habit of reading, it becomes so much easier. You can then always have a book on you and read it when you get a spare moment.

Also, use audiobooks. This allows you to consume a book while also doing other tasks like driving, cleaning the house, or whatever. Finally, make sure you choose books you really enjoy and find genres that excite you. Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction; self-help or true crime? Once you find the right topic, you’ll get through more books more quickly. Learn more about choosing books here: https://books.org/blog/selfpublishing/ 

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