What is a shower valve?

What is a shower valve?

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A shower valve is a fitting that is designed to control the water flow and temperature of your shower. When installed properly, shower valves can help you experience more pleasant showers by reducing any fluctuations in temperature and deterring any changes in water pressure. Ultimately there are three different kinds of shower valves, a pressure balancing valve, a thermostatic valve, and a diverter valve.  So, what are the differences between the three?

The pressure-balancing valve is one of the most commonly used control valves used in household showers. It maintains shower temperature by controlling the ratio of hot water to cold water. Thermostatic mixing valves help to control the water temperature by specifically pre-setting the hot and cold settings of the water. These valves usually come in a digital or electronic form. Diverter shower valves don’t control the temperature. Instead, they control the direction in which the water flows. This valve controls whether your water is coming out of the showerhead or the tub spigot. 

If you are asking because someone told you that you need a new shower valve, this guide might be useful: https://www.simully.com/best-shower-valve/.

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