What are the main mistakes businesses make with their websites?

mistakes businesses make with their websites…

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For reasons I won’t get into, I spend a lot of time looking at company websites. I’ve read the main pages of hundreds of companies by now, and the biggest mistakes made often have to do with clarity.

For example, a lot of beautiful websites have very confusing designs. Too often I open a page and need several seconds to understand the layout so I can start actually absolving the information I need. Web design should make conveying information easier, not harder.

Clunky and vague writing are also a common problem. I’ve rarely run into spelling errors, but I have seen plenty of websites — especially those of tech companies — that are filled with long sentences that say very little and acronyms that aren’t explained anywhere in the site. Which makes sense if the company is marketing to business experts, but is less excusable when they are trying to hook regular customers.

If you want to avoid all that, my tip for you is simple: hire an expert, someone — or some agency — with experience designing sites for people in your field. Professionals who specialize in managing attorneys, for example, will know how to make a lawyer’s site look and feel professional while remaining clear. Elite Lawyer Management, for example, offers website development as one of its many services.

Default Answered on May 22, 2020.
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