Should I use hashtags on my Instagram posts?

Should I use hashtags on my Instagram posts?

Default Asked on September 7, 2020 in Computers & Internet.
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Yes, you should absolutely include hashtags when you post on Instagram. Hashtags are how you interact with your followers and how you make sure your posts show up when people search for specific things. For example, if your blog is based on fashion trends and you make a post during or about New York Fashion Week, including the hashtag #NewYorkFashionWeek or #NYFW lets your followers know that you’re keeping up with the latest designs. 

The key to using hashtags on Instagram, though, is to make sure you’re not using too many hashtags. Two to three hashtags at most are plenty for your posts if you’re keeping your brand focused. Lots of hashtags are annoying to some readers and can become redundant. Instead of using repetitive but slightly different hashtags, look at what hashtags are trending and go from there. Keep them specific and relevant. Sites like sharemyinsights can help you learn more. 

Default Answered on September 8, 2020.
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