Is it smart to use Avast VPN for torrenting?

Is it smart to use Avast VPN for torrenting?

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Avast VPN is one of the very few companies that does not develop their company without logging in on the advertisement campaign. Also, one of the most common words such as “non-registration policy” or “zero registers” can be found on its webpage. The only reference to their registration activities can be found in a short sentence: “The websites that you visit and the use of apps are not registered.”

However, you will find disturbing details when reading the data protection policy concerning some third-party analytical tools (for example, Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics, and AppsFlyer), used by Avast that collect information about you and your online activity, including the IP address, from which you or from the websites you visited are unclear.

Avast VPN also maintains connection logs and information, such as full name, postal code, and email address that can also be personally identified. As your internet traffic can also be considered as ‘unethical,’ if such a request arises, they can voluntarily tell the authorities all they have about you.You can also know the Use of Avast VPN for Torrenting by clicking this link

Overall, SecureLine can not be regarded as a VPN without logging. No wonder why they did not use zero log requests to wallpaper their web page. 

Avast has quite a few VPN protocols, which are available via UDP only for IPsec and OpenVPN. This can, on the other hand, be enough to torrent. The Military-Crypton (AES-256), now standard on this market, encrypts the internet traffic.

While the Avast VPN does have DNS leak security, the issue of the WebRTC leak can not yet be resolved. Honestly, you can find helpful information on their website about how to solve this problem manually, which is connected to the browser and does not directly impact the VPN app. Although the Avast VPN is protected against DNS leakage, the WebRTC leak problem still can not be resolved.

Some reviews may say SecureLine has a kill switch, but it simply doesn’t happen. The absence of a kill switches virtually redundancies a VPN service, to be honest. Avast VPN could lose vital sensitive data such as your real IP address or DNS information without such security functionalities. Even if this service offers leak protection for DNS, without the kill switch it is not worth too much.

Newer Answered on June 12, 2020.
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