Is it safe for dogs to eat fruits?

Is it safe for dogs to eat fruits?

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One of the things that make dogs such great companions for humans is our similar tastes in food. Dogs are omnivores, just like us, which means they can live off a wide variety of foods. This includes meat, vegetables, grains, and — yes — even fruits.

Apples, bananas, coconuts, melons, and a wide variety of other fruits are all safe for dogs, with some caveats. First, many fruits have high sugar content, so you should give them to your dog in moderation. Second, some fruits — like apples and peaches — have seeds that are dangerous to your dog. It’s best to remove all seeds from the fruit before offering it for your dog.

Finally, bear in mind that not all fruits are safe for dogs. Grapes in particular are very dangerous, as they can cause kidney failure. Cherries are not recommended because of how big the pits are, and how easy it is for your dog to accidentally bite into one. If you are introducing fruits into your dog’s diet, start small, and do your research before offering your dog each new fruit.

You could also try giving your dog raw foods. If you’re interested in that, you can find raw dog food Essex in this link:

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