How to change your location on your iPhone?

How to change your location on your iPhone?

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Multiple tracker technology helps us find your phone when it is lost or stolen. However, what we don’t talk about at the end of the day is that it’s the phones that track us down. You know all about us. In the present, the past, the future, our locations. Where we are, what time, whether we are late, what we are eating, what we have been doing last night, what we are going to do tomorrow. You can change your location by fake GPS ios setting.

This was understood by digital marketing giants. Depending on the shopping street in which we go, depending on the time of day, are you bombarding us with targeted advertising and promotions? Café? Shopping to go? It doesn’t matter that most people get advertising that may be of interest to us.

What can cool us, though, is that all this data is stored that I don’t know where and exploited because I don’t know who to sometimes questionable ends. And, normally, sometimes we want a little bit of respite, and give ourselves a few moments when Mr. Internet doesn’t know where we are right now.

Just as a VPN is used to mask your computer’s IP address, there are techniques for changing your iPhone location. You can pretend you ‘re in Rio de Janeiro, or on holidays in the Maldives, or on a Caribbean sailing course. We are needed to change or conceal some of our data for various reasons, notably to protect his privacy. Often, it feels nice to have calm.

However, it is highly practical in certain situations to have a telephone ‘s precise GPS position. This may be in case of loss or robbery, but particularly if the telephone owner is a child. It is also comforting to know that in the event of a crisis, a parent can at any time track his child’s geographical location. Some free applications enable my child GPS position to be known.

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