Do you need a license to become a surgical technologist?

Do you need a license to become a surgical technologist?

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Amazingly enough, the answer to your question is no. You will not be required to have a license or any type of certification if you want to work as a surgical technologist in the United States. I was shocked when I looked into this, because that’s a deviation from the standards imposed upon most healthcare professionals.

That’s not to say that the job market for surgical technologists is complete anarchists. Of course, you’ll have a hard time finding a hospital willing to hire someone with no training or experience. And a few states are looking into imposing restrictions on who can become a surgical technician — I believe some of them have even implemented such measures already.

However, it is still theoretically possible to become a surgical technician with no training or qualifications to your name in most of the US.

If you are wondering what hospitals ask for when hiring surgical technicians, this guide will walk you through the education and certification required for surgical technologists.

Newer Answered on October 12, 2020.
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