Can you grind coffee with a blender?

Can you grind coffee with a blender?

Newer Asked on September 11, 2020 in Food & Drink.
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Blenders are great for many things, including smoothies and ice cream. They can also be used to mix coffee into deliciously cold concoctions or make margaritas, but what about grinding whole coffee beans? The short answer is yes, you can grind whole coffee beans in a blender. The problem arises when you actually try to grind coffee beans in a blender. Because of the large size of a blender and the unevenness of the blades, the coffee wouldn’t end up in a fine, even powder like the mix that comes out of a bag from the store.

Instead, the beans would end up all different sizes and shapes. If you were to put that in a coffee maker, you would end up with some very strange tasting coffee, as some of the grinds wouldn’t be fine enough to get any flavor from and others would be too small to even be slightly useful. No matter how many websites like Kitchen Habit you visit trying to find a blender that could grind coffee beans, you’ll never find one that would work nearly as well as a coffee grinder.

Default Answered on September 14, 2020.
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