Are LEDs more environmentally friendly?

LEDs have always boasted energy efficiency, but I wanted to know how they are more efficient than traditional bulbs. And it turns out that they are.

The primary reason is that they produce their light differently than conventional incandescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs must produce enough heat to make the filament incredibly hot in order for the electrons to become excited and generate light. Meanwhile, LED lights produce light through electroluminescence, which means that they do not need filament or excessive amounts of heat.

Because they are better at using the energy required to generate light, low voltage bulbs, such as 12v LED bulbs, can produce an incredible amount of light while consuming relatively little power.

So yes, they are more environmentally friendly. Not only because they consume less electricity, but also because these lights tend to last longer before they need to be replaced. You can find out more about LED lights over on

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